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News for 07/17/2014


FANS (Freshman and New Students) Camp Schedule for Band Members

Tomorrow, Friday, July 25, is FANS camp for the freshmen and new students. The Freshmen students can enter OMHS as early as 10:00, and camp begins at 10:30. They should wear their FANS Camp t-shirt and khaki shorts.  They will be provided a lunch that begins at 11:30 for band members, as part of FANS camp.  After lunch, (approx at 12:00), they will report to the band room to meet up with the remainder of the band. 

All other band members need to report to the band room at 12:00 for warm up, wearing their WHITE polo shirt and khaki shorts. The FANS Camp Pep Rally will be held in the gym for the 9th Grade students from 1:20 till 2:00. All visuals please report as directed by your sponsors.  
Evening band camp will be held from 4:30-8:30.

Any questions, please contact Cindy Johnston

Chick Fil A News:  

I know there has not been much time or energy this week to devote to selling Chick Fil A coupons, but I hope you have all gotten started, even if just a little.  Please remember that we are strongly encouraging everyone to sell at least 5.  Any that you sell beyond 5 will go into your band account.  To clarify, the coupons sell for $20 each.  We get to keep $10 from each.  On Monday night, I will have a special treat for those who have already sold their 5, so make sure your child brings their money for those sold on Monday morning.  I will be by the band doors as they arrive each morning.  If you need more coupons, they may get them from me or you may email me. Thanks for helping!  

Janet Adwell


Chick-fil-A Update

Parents, every student should have received their Chick-fil-A coupon packets yesterday if you had not picked them up at registration. Ask your student tonight where theirs is. Please keep up with these. You will have to return any unsold coupons or else pay for them, so do not lose them!!

This year, we are strongly encouraging everyone to sell 5 coupons. This will help us stay in line with our budget for this year. Remember that the first 5 coupons you sell go to the band, but any you sell after that, you get the full $10 in your band account!! Visuals will get the $10 each (after the first 5) put towards their fees.

The sale will go for 2 weeks. All coupons/money will be due back on Family Night, August 5th.

I will be by the band room doors each morning as the kids arrive so they can go ahead and turn in any money they have collected. There will be rewards for sections that are ahead each day. If they need more coupons, they can get them from me any morning.

PLEASE try to sell these! You can put it out on Facebook, text friends, sell to neighbors and relatives. They are not hard to sell. My kids sold 24 this weekend! The band really relies on this fundraiser to get the year started off, so don't just set them aside.

On a side note, I forgot to mention last night that if you are interested in helping the directors out during the year by making copies, please let me know. It's an easy way to help out if you have time during the day. We usually send someone every Tuesday and Thursday so they know they have consistent help coming. Usually, you would just help out once or twice a month. Email me if you are interested. Thanks so much!  Janet Adwell


From the Directors

We hope that you all have had a great summer and are looking forward to band camp and our upcoming season as much as we are. Make sure that you come to camp ready to work hard and have a lot of fun.  We take pride in the teamwork that students exhibit as we go through the process of learning our marching show each year.  

The music is ready.....the drill is epic and ready....the field is ready....Are you?

Parents and students are required to review the OMHS Band Handbook prior to band registration. Included in the handbook is the Medical Release / Permission Form.  On this form, which will be distributed at registration, you will be asked to sign confirming that you have read the handbook. Students will be asked to sign a form which will be distributed at band camp confirming they have read the handbook.

All 9th grade band students and first year marchers will be at Rookie camp on Monday, July 21st from 7:00-11:30AM

The first FULL Band practice begins Monday, July 21st at 4:30.  9th Grade students (ONLY) will have OMHS registration beginning at 4:00.  We ask that these students arrive at registration early, being first to register, and then report to band practice immediately following.  


OMHS Band Registration Information

RegisterIt is hard to believe Summer Band Camp begins next week!  How exciting to think of our band members preparing another halftime show for the enjoyment of all the fans at OMHS football games!!  The OMHS Band is an award winning remarkable program that becomes an integral part of our students' and their families' lives. 

Band Registration is July 21st at 7:00 P.M. in the OMHS PAC

Every band member should have at least one parent plan to attend this event.  (Band students will be at band camp during this time.)  Registration packets with information and forms will be prepared for you to pick up.  Plan to fill out medical forms, sign up to volunteer in all the necessary areas for the operation of the band program, finalize band fees, order polo shirts, pay for game day meals and competition meals, etc.  It is the ideal time to get questions answered, meet the Booster officers and committee chairs, and take care of necessary business.  We will try to keep our time short and jam packed with information. Here's a quick FAQ sheet that may answer some of the questions you have already.

During football season, it takes 70 parents working together in all areas of volunteering for home games, and nearly 30 for away games, competitions, and showcases.  Carefully consider where you will be able to help.  A short summary of opportunities and facts can be found here.  There will be a volunteer sign up tables at registration for all areas.  We look forward to celebrating a new year of OMHS and the OMHS ‘Spirit of Cahaba’ Band!

OMHS Band Booster Officers


Welcome from Head Chaperone to 2014-2015 Band Parents

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!  Band Camp is beginning and you will need to pay close attention to the dates on the Band Camp schedule.  Please make sure your student arrives in plenty of time to go to the band room, drop off their instrument case, and get to the field on time. Students will go directly to the field unless otherwise instructed by the drum majors or directors. 

There are two other attachments that you may wish to read.  The FAQ document answers many of the questions that you may have.  Please know, 9th Grade Parents, that we will be here to help guide you through the season, and that feeling a bit overwhelmed is something we have all felt as a new band parent.  Attached also is a Band Quick Facts document that will give more information, along with contact information for some of the committees.  If you have questions in any of these areas, please contact the committee chair for answers, as they know the most current information. 

As your Head Chaperone, I would like to encourage you to attend Band Registration, as it is informative and will update you on any changes made for 2014-2015. We respectively request at least one parent attend so that we will be able to obtain all of the information concerning your student. Also, please note that if your contact information changes throughout the year, to email the directors and me of the changes.  

I look forward to working with your student and each of you throughout the 2014-2015 school year. Please feel free to email the directors and me with any information you think we may need for chaperoning events.  Please come and join us by signing up at registration to chaperone throughout the school year.  There are many opportunities, and we welcome your involvement! 


Cindy Johnston
Head Chaperone/Band Coordinator


From the Treasurer

We are very excited about starting a new band year! Welcome to all incoming freshman families and welcome back to all our returning families. We are so glad you have chosen to be a part of this excellent organization!  Band fees are a necessary expense to cover items such as uniforms, cleaning of uniforms, transportation to every game, music and arrangements, etc., that are not provided by the Shelby County school system.  Band fees are due by the start of band camp to fund this year's expenses. Rental instrument contracts will be handled with Mr. Bender.  If you have any questions, please contact Kevin McCallum,

NOTE:  The Shelby County Board of Education will accept checks written in black or blue ink only. Please remember this when making payments to any OMHS program.

Uniform Fittings

We will begin uniform fittings this month!

Bando Fittings

  • Monday, July 21      11:30 AM - 1:00 PM  and  2:30 - 4:00 PM
  • Tuesday, July 22     11:30 AM - 1:00 PM  and  3:00 - 4:30 PM 

Be sure to bring a check made out to OMHS Band for $24.00 to the fitting.

If you already have Bandos from last year try them on to be sure they still fit.  Anyone who is unable to make the Bando shoe fitting on July 21st or 22nd please Jennifer Norton (205-447-5760) or Kathy Moates (205-401-6859).  

The Bando order will be placed on the the evening of July 22nd.  After this date you will be responsible for ordering them and the cost will then be $34.00 since it isn't part of the bulk order.

Uniform Fitting Schedule

  • Monday, July 28 - Seniors, Section Leaders, Snares and Quads (Bring Carriers)
    • 11:30 AM -1:00 PM
    • 3:00 - 4:30 PM
  • Tuesday, July 29 - Juniors and Sophomores
    • 11:30 AM -1:00 PM
    • 3:00 - 4:30 PM
  • Wednesday, July 30 - Freshmen Girls
    • 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Thursday, July 31 - Freshmen Boys
    • 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Students will be fitted for uniforms, hats, gloves and t-shirts at this time. Everyone needs to come try on their uniform from last year in case it needs to be altered. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors need to try on their hats again too. 

We will need a lot of help from parents during this week.  We will be working before and after the scheduled fittings hemming and organizing.  If you think you would be interested in helping out please call Jennifer Norton at 447-5760 or Kathy Moates 401-6859.

We're looking forward to a new band year!!
Jennifer and Kathy


Band Camp Meals

If you preordered band camp meals, they will be delivered to your child on the 4 long days of band camp (July 22, 24, 28, 29). you do not need to do anything! If you are unsure about whether you preordered, contact Janet Adwell at We are NOT accepting any more orders since everything has already been purchased.

Janet Adwell


Band Polos

We are getting new band polos this year, so everyone will need one.  They will be navy dry weave Nike polos.  I will have sample sizes of the polo shirts at registration if you want to make sure you order the right size.  The ladies' sizes run kind of small, so you may want to double check those.  I will have to order the shirts the morning after registration and then get them embroidered quickly, so make sure you get your order in.
Once again, everyone will need a new polo this year, so make sure I have your size and money before you leave registration.  They are $32.  If you ordered yours before school ended, I may have it ready, but some of the orders did not make it to me until after the shirt order was placed, so just come by and check with me.  Thanks!  -Janet Adwell

Chick-fil-a Coupon Sale

We will be selling Chick-fil-a coupons once again this year.  There are several differences for you to take note of this year:

  1. We never require you sell anything, but this year, we would like to STRONGLY encourage each student to sell 5 coupons.  We have a great band program that requires a significant amount of money to run and run well.  This Chick-fil-a coupon sale is a big part of our band budget, and we need your help to meet our goal.  It shouldn't be that hard to sell just 5, so please do your part and help us out.  If we do not meet our budget on CFA coupons, we will have to find something else to do to make it up, so this would be so much easier!
  2. Any coupons beyond 5 that you sell, you will get full credit for in your band account.  That's $10 per coupon sold that goes to you!!  In order for us to do this, we really need everyone to sell their 5 for the band so that our budget is taken care of and we can help you with trip expenses.
  3. I will hand out 5 coupons for each student to you at Band Registration.  We will have 2 weeks to sell them. Yes, I know it's hard to find time during band camp, but you can use texting, Facebook, etc., and once again, 5 is not a huge number. BUT...if you would like to try to sell them this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you may come to the high school band doors this Friday at 9-10 am and check yours out early.   There is never a great time to sell (band camp, school plus band practice, etc.), so this would give you a little extra time before band camp starts to get on it if you would like.
  4. Thanks so much for your help in this!  I will be at band camp each morning as the kids arrive to collect any money they have.  I will have a chart for them to see which section is ahead in sales.  There may be some friendly competition between sections!  I have to get either the money or have the coupons returned at the end of the sale.  I would prefer to only get money back!!!


Janet Adwell


Kona Ice is Coming to Band Camp!!

On the 4 long days of band camp, Kona Ice will be on site as they dismiss from the 1:00-3:00 session.  Click here to view their prices.  This is optional, but feel free to support our band with a refreshing treat on those long days!!




Thank you for all of you who have volunteered in the past, we would not be able to do it without you! We will be very busy with concessions this year. Volunteers are needed for both high school and OM Youth football games.

Please visit the concession table at registration to sign up for a time to volunteer.  Please know that if you do not get a chance to sign up at registration, a date to volunteer will be assigned to you. 


We are also looking to fill positions needed to run the Concessions:

Volunteer Coordinator for Concessions Needed

The Concessions Chair is seeking someone to fill the position for Volunteer Coordinator immediately. This person will organize volunteers for concessions during football games.  One is needed for Heardmont Concessions (High School Games) and one is needed for OM Youth Concessions, unless one person is willing to do both.

Concessions Chair Trainee Needed

The position of Concession Trainee is vacant for the year 2104- 2105.  This position manages the Heardmont Concession Stands and oversees the OMYF Concessions.  The trainee for this position will shadow our current Concession Chairperson Rebecca Wilson in order to train and fill the posit of chair of the year 2015 -2016.

Concessions OMYF Chair Trainee Needed

The position of OMYF Concession Trainee is vacant for the year 2014 - 2015. This position manages the OMYF Concession Stands.  There are two concessions stands for the Youth, one is behind Oak Mountain High School and one is at Heardmont behind the Sheriff's Office.  The trainee for this position will shadow our current OMYF Concession Chairperson Dee Ann Carlisle in order to train and fill the position of chair for the year 2015 - 2016.

If you are interested, please contact Rebecca Wilson at 205-529-5284 or


Field Maintenace Request

Assistance is needed with field maintenance. Requesting help weed eating or mowing the hill leading up to the main tower and weed eating around the back tower so members / directors can safely get to these areas.

If you can help, please contact Evan Cork by phone or text message at 527-4883.


Eagle Scout Project Help

On Saturday, July 19th, there will be a yard sale at OMHS to raise money for my Eagle Scout Project.  My project consists of building stairs by the back field up to the band tower. These stairs will help make getting up that hill much safer and will greatly benefit the band. I would be very grateful if anyone would be willing to donate items for the sale as well as money towards the project itself. Please note that any extra money raised after the project’s expenses are taken care of will go to the Band. Also, if you would like to help with the actual project on Saturday the 26th, that would be very helpful as well. If you would like to help out in any way please call or text me at 205-441-5844. Please leave a message if I miss your call, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you everyone for making the band exceptional, and I am eagerly looking forward to this exciting year!

Colby Kunkel


Percussion News


July 18    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM   Lunch served
July 19    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM   Lunch served
July 21    1:00 AM - 8:30 PM   Dinner served
July 23    3:00 PM                  PERFORMANCE


All-State Requirements and Etudes

Please be informed that the 2014-2015 All-State Requirements and Etudes are now available and can be found by clicking here.


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