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News 07/12/2011

Uniform News...

Please try to come on your day. We also need previous members to try your uniform on EVEN IF YOU THINK IT STILL FITS. Thank you in advance.

  • Seniors and section leaders:   Tuesday, July 12 from 5:00-7:00
  • Juniors and Sophomores:     Thursday, July 14 from 5:00-7:00
  • Freshmen Girls:             Monday, July 18 from 12:00-2:00
  • Freshmen Boys:             Tuesday, July 19 from 12:00-2:00

You will also be trying on Bandos(shoes) for ordering. They need to be paid for before I order them. Please bring a check for $22 with you to fittings.
Most importantly, we will need LOTS of volunteers for these days. It doesn't matter if you've never done it before, we can train you quickly. It also doesn't matter if you think you can sew. There will be plenty of jobs to do and our sewing consists of hemming pants and sleeves, that's all. Please let me know if and when you can help
Doreen Thomas Uniform Chair


Band Camp Update

WATER, WATER, WATER!! Send plenty of water with your student. One small bottle of water will not be enough. Your student needs a water container capable of holding a sufficient amount of water. They can also bring a snack.

Students are on the band field for the majority of practice. Please send bug spray and sun screen with them or have them put it on before they arrive.

Students should wear comfortable, lightweight clothes...i.e. gym shorts, light colored t-shirts. Tennis shoes need to be worn when at practice.

It is IMPORTANT for all band members to be at practice every day. One day missed for a student could mean a loss of a world of information that they have to catch up on. Remember band camp is required and if your student needs to miss for any reason, please let the directors know.


Parents and band camp...

The best time for parents to come and watch practice would be our evening practices (Tues. / Thurs.) around 8:30. The band normally assembles in the grass outside the band room to run through the show music. They will play the music as they are marching in place.


Rain and band camp...

Clounds Thunder RainIn the event of rain during band camp, band camp still takes place. The students use every available space within the school to practice.


Band Registration...

See The Document Later_Email_Prior_to_2011-2012_Registration.pdf For Detailed Information:
July 19th at 6:00 P.M. in the OMHS Cafeteria is registration for marching band. At least one parent of each band member is strongly requested to attend. At this meeting you will receive a registration packet which will include a Medical Information / Permission Form. It is very important for this form to be filled out and returned ASAP. If you cannot stay for the entire information meeting at registration, PLEASE at least come by and pick up your packet so that this form can be turned back in.

To be prepared for Band Registration, the following is a list of possible payments due:

  • Band Fees - $650.00 Check made payable to OMHS BAND
  • Game Day Meal Payment - $15.00. There are three (3) game/contest events where meals will be pre-ordered for ALL the students. Check made payable to OMHS BAND
  • OMHS Band Window Clings - $5.00 - Check made payable to OMHS BAND BOOSTERS
  • Donations for OMHS Band Support - Any amount accepted! Check made payable to OMHS BAND BOOSTERS
  • Polo - $25.00 Check made payable to OMHS BAND
  • Camp Refreshment Donation - Cash or Check made payable to Rachelle Stott.

There will also be an opportunity to purchase Fish Fry Kick Off tickets as well as Eagle Club Membership.


Color Guard:

Kona IceThe Guard will have Kona Ice at the high school during band camp. The truck will park at the high school each day at 12 and Tu/Th nights at 9. The guard will be getting 40% of all Kona Ice sold. Proceeds will go to support color and winter guard. This year we will have to purchase a new floor for winter guard.


Band Fees:

Band fees are currently due and may be sent to the school and placed in the payment box after band camp starts. Fees may also be mailed to:
OMHS Band Boosters
P O Box 382124
Birmingham, AL 35238
If you have any questions concerning band fees, please contact:
Jeff Odom
OMHS Band Booster Treasurer
H - 991-8664, O - 250-6633, C - 612-0310



Tired and hot after evening Band Camp???
After each of the Tuesday/Thursday 6p-9p sessions, stop by Bruster’s Ice Cream on Caldwell Mill road to cool off and support your OMHS Majorettes. Hope to see you there on July 19; July 21; August 2 and August 4th!

Sue Esleck


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