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News 09/12/2011

Shelby showcase of bands at Pelham high school Tuesday Sept 13th

Sheryl Nobles, Paula Moore, Alma Myers, Dana Guthrie, Greg Kelsoe, Jan Street, Laura Lynn Boone, Jennifer Cantin-Nail, Becky Pinkston, Rhonda Jenkins And Greg Jenkins
Above are my list of chaperones for the showcase email Paula Maddox with a yes or no for this event. We will be leaving the school as soon as the buses finish up their routes and will return by 10:30 to the Oak. We are scheduled to perform at 8:15.
Every student will get their first pre-paid meal this night once we have arrived at the shelby showcase.
Paula Maddox (


Chaperones for friday's game

Chris Boone, Dana Guthrie, Debbie Nelson, Heather Holt, Jan Street, Kristine Emerson, Laura Lynn Boone, Paul Touliatos, Tina Walton, Rebecca Farmer, Susan Nolin, Angela Hobson and Cynthia Jones

It’s your lucky week to chaperone the band this Friday, Sept 16  for our game against Spain Park at HOME. Please respond to Paula Maddox whether or not  you are planning to attend.  Chaperones need to arrive at the school on Friday, Sept 16 at 4:45.  We will be departing at 5:00, so please be on time.
When you get inside the band room, please check in with me for bus and job assignments, as well as name tags.  Please wear your band polo shirt or a white shirt if possible.   THANK YOU so much for your willingness to help!!!

Paula Maddox 913-4050

Bus Captains please be at the school at 4:30 to review some information.



Please remember to send gloves, socks, bandos and t-shirts for the showcase on Tuesday and the game on Friday night. There have been a LOT of gloves sold on credit. Please ask your child if he/she has bought any and owes money. The used ones are $1.50 and new ones are $3.00. If they have bought a t-shirt, they owe $5.00 or socks, they owe $2.00. Please get this taken care of as soon as possible. I would also like to remind the freshmen moms that we still have more t-shirts available for sale. You will appreciate having two of them when competitions start and we have a game on Friday night and a competition on Saturday. It's hard to get one laundered overnight and they are only $5.00. Jennifer Nail has volunteered to help with uniforms on Tuesday and Lisa Williams and Dana Guthrie are on schedule to help on Friday night. Again, anyone else that can help with this would be greatly appreciated. As always, thanks for your continued support.

As always, if you have any questions please e-mail Doreen Thomas



Thanks to all of you who have volunteered as concessions helpers for this Friday's home game against Spain Park. Please plan to be at Heardmont by 545pm. When you arrive at Heardmont go to the main entrance. You will have to pay for parking. Please enter the field through the gate behind the home bleachers.
SPAIN PARK 09/16/11
Main Stand:
Popcorn   Connie Madonia
Nachos    Emanuel Madonia
Window   Ann Garner
Window   Mary Cook
Window   Sandra Gallups
Window   Carol Prater
Fountain   Paula Moore
Prep    Gwen Cork
Prep    Linda Gray
Table     Danny Gray
Help     Mary Elizabeth Gray
Help     Teresa Edwards
Extra    Sheryl Nobles
Extra    Maureen Small
Visitor Trailer:
Alex Garcia, Ana Garcia, Kathy Scruggs
Neal Koehler
Band stand counter:
Rob Turner  Kim Ray
South counter:
Tracy Lindsey Karen Potter
Liz Scibetta Stacey NeSmith

Thanks Anise Morris (
Please check your schedule, then check the band website under volunteers for the list of dates to work the OMY Football concessions.
If you have any questions, please contact Julie Rock  (


Marching Contest dates

More information will come on these contest dates as they get closer.

Cartridges for Kids

Help us get free money for the band by sending in your empty toner or ink cartridges. There is a box in the band room labeled recycle. Thanks for your help.
Any questions?
Lorrie Thomas (

Upcoming dates...

  • Sept 17 Drumline showcase
  • Sept 20 Booster Meeting at 7pm
  • Sept 22 8th grade Exhibition at OMMS
  • Sept 23 away to Northridge
  • Sept 30 8th grade night


from our Booster President.

Carolyn Ashworth, Steve Ashworth, Brian Barham, Sallie Barham, Susan Bezkor, Anita Bucher, Wayne Bucher, Mary Cook, Theresa Cook, Gwen Cork, Karen Davis, David DeBardelaben, Melody DeBardelaben, Clarisse Dittenhoefer, Carol Dotson, Tracey Duncan, Jennifer, Ebbert, Matt , EbbertTeresa Edwards, Kristin Emerson, Becky Freeman, Sandra Gallups, Alex Garcia, Ana Garcia, Ann Garner, Melissa Goodwin, Danny Gray, Linda Gray, Mary Elizabeth Gray, Dana Guthrie, Andy Harrison, Laura Harrison, Mary Harrison, Annette Henderson, Carroll Higdon, Jacob Higdon, Lisa Higdon, Angela Hobson, Heather Holt, Amy Howser, John Howser, Adam Hyde, Sandy Johnson, Sue Johnson, Allen Johnston, Michelle Johnston, Laura Jones, Barbara Kelsoe, Greg Kelsoe, Amy Knowles, Neal Koehler, Julie Koncsol, Tamera Langford, Tracy Lindsey, Shary Long, Ed Lyons, Melanie Lyons, Connie Madonia, Courtney Monnette, Daryl McGee, Tamara McGee, Maria McKee, Teonna Mills, Kathy Moates, Darrell Moore, Paula Moore, Paul Morris, Debbie Nelson, Stacey NeSmith, Sheryl Nobles, David Nolen, Denise Nolen, Jennifer Norton, Suzanne Owens, Becky Pinkston, Karen Potter, Carol Prater, Eric Pruitt, Lori Pruitt, Joan Ray, Kim Ray, Dave Rish, Lori Risher, Karen Rochester, John Rock, Julie Rock, Cindy Rogers, Mary Schmidt, Liz Scibetta, Kathy Scruggs, Maureen Small, Kim South, Tashea Stanley, Susan Stevens, Rachelle Stott, Jan Street, Kelly Sullivan, Frank Tanahey, Jill Tanahey, Doreen Thomas, Lorie Thomas, Randy Thomas, Anita Tsimpides, Paula Turner, Rob Turner, Jenny Valenza, Patti Waldrip, Robin WalkerCharles Wendel, Lisa Williams, Mike Wilson, Rebecca Wilson, Shonnie Wilson, Amy Wombwell, Cheryl York

THANKS AGAIN!  The support of these concession volunteers and of all of the many other volunteers who contribute their time and talent is what makes Oak Mountain Band the BEST! 
Theresa Cook Booster President

    Cadence Bank
Southern Medical
PT Orthodontics Sanpeggio's Pizza Alden Software Neil Pharmacy
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