The Spirit of Cahaba



2012-2013 Jazz Band Auditions
Jazz A
Instrument Chair    
Alto Sax 1


Alto Sax 2 D Collins
Tenor Sax 1 B Williams
Tenor Sax 2 M Jones
Bari Sax   TJ Maddox
Trombone 1 C Kunkel
Trombone 2 T Timothy
Trombone 3 J Crane
Bass Trombone   E Norman
Trumpet 1 A Candalaria Fouse
Trumpet 2 J Emerson
Trumpet 3 C Higdon
Trumpet 4 D Kinchler
Piano   Z Agee
Guitar   B Harrington
Bass Guitar   R Spell
Drums   T Gwaltney
Drumset 2/Aux/Vibes   J Stott
Vibes/Aux Percussion   C Kelsoe
Vocals   M Monnette
    N Wendle
    C Kelsoe

Jazz B
Instrument Chair  
Alto Sax 1 N Holt  
Alto Sax 2 J Madonia  
Tenor Sax 1 K Tucker  
Tenor Sax 2 I Tytler  
Bari Sax   H Brilliant  
Trombone 1 R Rodich  
Trombone 2 P Rish  
Trombone 3 K Graham  
    B Todd  
Bass Trombone   M Thomas  
Trumpet 1 T Macke  
Trumpet 2 J Silas  
Trumpet 3 M Shipman  
Trumpet 4 J Thompson  
Additional Trumpets* JM Norton  
    JM Harrison  
Piano   M Sullivan  
Guitar   M Bemis  
Bass Guitar   C Nelson  
Drums   S Tankersley  
Drumset 2/Aux/Vibes   E Clemons  

*Parts to be assigned later

**Jazz B vocalist to be contacted as needed

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